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Filed under: Gets First Shot Of New Bills Helmet

Remember back on June 1, when the Buffalo Bills announced that they'd unveil their new uniforms on June 24? That day, the organization put a splash page up on (now since gone) that some astute readers here observed as the stripe on the team's new helmet.

Despite a few protests, that turned out to be correct. has the first still of a replica Bills helmet in the new design that they report will be on sale next Friday. The helmet includes a red and blue stripe that is bordered by a thin stripe of navy blue - just as the splash page revealed two weeks ago.

The helmets also, as expected, have gray facemasks. The Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals are the only other NFL teams with white helmets and gray facemasks.

The Bills will be one of seven teams league-wide to don white helmets as part of their default uniform, and the third AFC East team to do so. (You may remember that they changed to red helmets precisely because the rest of their division wore white.)