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Bills 2010 Film Review: Confirming Suspicions, Week 11

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Let's keep the good times rolling covering the Cincinnati Bengals in our Buffalo Bills re-watch, because the next two games on our schedule will be all downhill. After the Bills' come-from-behind 49-31 win over Cincinnati in Week 11 last year, fans were generally feeling good. It's not often we get to see the Bills go on a 42-3 run in a single game, after all.

I've read through our post-game recap, Der Jaeger's post-game analysis and Ron's O-Line analysis, and I've taken a few notes worth sharing.

  • I'm still rather pleased with this line from the recap: "A phenomenal second-half performance, which can be accurately described as equal parts Bills heart and Bengals shart, yielded 35 consecutive points to Buffalo."
  • DJ pointed out the rough patch Rian Lindell had just hit. Between missing a game-winning field goal in overtime, missing another field goal and plunking a kickoff out of bounds against Detroit, and another miss in Cincinnati, Lindall was pretty brutal from Weeks 9 through 11.
  • However, DJ also gave props to the defense in the second half, and I don't know that I'd go that far. Carson Palmer and the Bengals were still able to mount two fairly methodical scoring drives in the half. One ended in an interception (an obvious plus) and the other in a missed field goal. And sure, there were two more turnovers and a touchdown. They made more plays, but they still gave up quite a bit - especially when the game was not yet in hand.
  • Finally, DJ wrote that Chan Gailey "went for the jugular" when the Bengals lost starting safeties Roy Williams and Chris Crocker. Boy, did he. The offense was unstoppable from late in the second quarter on, putting up five touchdowns in that time frame - four of them through the air. This was after Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions (one nullified by penalty) in the first quarter and a half.
  • Ron pointed out Eric Wood's issues with the spin move, writing that it was at least the second time he'd seen Wood beaten by it. I have seen it three times in this re-watch, and we're only talking about a six-game window.
  • Ron didn't touch much on Kraig Urbik in his write-up, and for good reason (to me): he doesn't really stand out. He's a big guy, and that's a big asset, but he's not a great athlete and not especially physical. I'm interested to see him over the next couple of games, before his season ended.
  • Demetrius Bell and Mansfield Wrotto got equal pass blocking grades from Ron, but in this one contest, I thought Wrotto was significantly better than Bell, especially early. Bell struggled with Michael Johnson all day, and though he was better in the second half, he still got thrown around quite a bit. Not his best game by any stretch.