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Akin Ayodele A Possible Backup Plan For Bills

Knowing that the Buffalo Bills have undergone some change at inside linebacker since February (with more possibly on the way, depending on the free agent courtship of Paul Posluszny), a reader recently emailed to ask where, if at all, veteran Akin Ayodele fit into the team's plans moving forward.

Ayodele, too, will be an unrestricted free agent coming off of a 106-tackle season. I don't have any concrete information on the subject, but if I had to guess, it would take a very specific set of circumstances for the Bills to re-sign Ayodele.

In almost any scenario, the team will have Andra Davis and Reggie Torbor in the veteran camp inside, as well as rookies Kelvin Sheppard and Chris White. The team obviously wants to re-sign Posluszny.

If they can't re-sign Posluszny, Ayodele's chances increase. The same goes for if the team is still more comfortable playing Torbor outside, or if the lockout drags on long enough where the coaches aren't ready to rely on Sheppard as early as hoped. In short, Ayodele's odds are long, in my estimation, but it's not a certainty that he's done in Buffalo.