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Don't Forget About Antonio Coleman At OLB

We've only covered six of the 11 games planned for our Buffalo Bills re-watch to this point, but behind the scenes, I have already reviewed all but two of those contests. On a slow, locked-out June Sunday, I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about a couple of players that caught my eye during the re-watch, but wouldn't necessarily get a lot of discussion otherwise.

I had forgotten that when Arthur Moats began getting more playing time starting in Week 4, he was joined by fellow rookie Antonio Coleman. The two saw a relatively equal amount of playing time in the mid portions of the season - Moats got first dibs, followed by Coleman. It wasn't until the former Auburn star was lost for the season that the light went on for Moats and he became the darling young outside linebacker of the fan base.

Frankly, there were moments earlier in the season when I thought Coleman looked better than Moats did. Obviously, Moats got better as the season wore on as a pass rusher, and it leaves me wondering whether something similar might've happened with Coleman. I've been more interested in Danny Batten than Coleman for months; rest assured that they're on an even playing field now. Coleman has solid ability, and plays a physical brand of football. He's an asset on special teams, as well.