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Poll: Who Is Buffalo's Most Valuable 30-Something?

By the design of GM Buddy Nix and his cohorts, the Buffalo Bills are a fairly young football team. As such, they currently only have 13 players under contract that are at least 30 years old - and two of them are the team's kickers, Rian Lindell and Brian Moorman.

Corey McIntyre, David Martin and Bryan Scott all found complementary roles and filled them fairly well in 2010. Terrence McGee, George Wilson, Andra Davis and Reggie Torbor all look like they'll have opportunities to land starting gigs next season. But to me, four Bills 30-somethings stand out as players of particular importance, and with roles that are more solidly defined than their aforementioned teammates.

Lee Evans and Fred Jackson are cornerstones to the team's offensive attack. Defensively, Chris Kelsay is a mainstay as a rusher that flexes between outside linebacker and defensive end, while Dwan Edwards will have a big role despite increased competition at defensive end.

Our question to you is simple: amongst Buffalo's group of 30-somethings, who is the most valuable to the team as a whole?