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Russ Brandon: Bills Have Discussed Extending Stadium Lease

Of the myriad of issues affecting the long-term viability of the Buffalo Bills in Western New York, second on the list (to the NFL's next Collective Bargaining Agreement) is extending the lease on Ralph Wilson Stadium. That lease is set to expire in 2012, but Bills CEO Russ Brandon confirmed Thursday morning on WGR 550 that the team has already had discussions with Erie County about said extension.

"(Erie County executive) Chris (Collins) and I have had some conversations, and we both are going to be very focused with our organization and with the county moving forward - once we understand the CBA," Brandon said this morning. "We're just going to sit back and wait and see how the CBA comes out, and then we can (move forward). There's no reason to reach or think or pretend that we know what's in the documents moving forward. Once we have a clear awareness of what the runway is with the CBA, we will sit down and have some meaningful discussions."

Be sure to listen to Brandon's entire interview, as he discussed a myriad of other topics about the business end of the Bills.