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Russ Brandon Addresses Ralph Wilson's Absence From Owners' Meeting

There was one more small detail from Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon's interview with WGR 550 this morning that I wanted to touch on here. (Kudos to Joe Buscaglia for asking the question in the first place.)

Earlier this week, NFL owners convened in Chicago - along with high-level football men from each team - to discuss the ongoing lockout and the prognosis of CBA negotiations. Bills owner Ralph Wilson was not in attendance, letting Brandon (and one other unnamed executive) represent the Bills. Some Bills fans were concerned by the fact that Wilson did not make it to the meetings, but Brandon downplayed the importance of his presence at this stage of the game.

"I think right now, it was just an information gathering session," said Brandon. "Once we have some clarity on where we're going with that, I'm sure he'll be there, and we'll all be there. It's an important initiative for everybody, and we keep Mr. Wilson informed on everything along the way."