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Poll: Are You Buying A New Bills Jersey Tonight?

Everyone is aware by now that the Buffalo Bills will unveil their new uniforms at a Ralph Wilson Stadium event this evening. While Matt and I prepare to cover that event for you tonight, we were left wondering how many Bills fans already have plans to buy the new jersey tonight? And, more importantly: if you are buying a jersey, whose name and number will be on the back? (We imagine that Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson and Kyle Williams will be popular buys this evening.)

We ask simply because of the fact that the NFL lockout is still on in full effect. Has frustration with pro football's labor stoppage swayed anyone's decision on whether or not to pour money into the league tonight? Or are you simply too jazzed to be getting out of your navy blue, shoulder-plated nightmare pajamas that nothing will deter you from getting the new jersey (that, in all likelihood, will be much better-looking)?