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Bucky Brooks: Buffalo Is "Ideal Place" For Vince Young

When the NFL lockout ends and free agency begins, one of the first things the Buffalo Bills must address is their alarming lack of depth at quarterback. If it were up to's Bucky Brooks (also a former Bills player, if you recall), the team would be pursuing current Titans passer Vince Young.

"If I had to choose the ideal place (for Young), I would lean towards Buffalo due to the success Chan Gailey has enjoyed with athletic QBs," Brooks wrote in a recent NFL Live Chat.

From that specific angle, it's hard to disagree with Brooks. Gailey is great at getting the most out of his players, and he'd almost certainly find a way to make Young productive in some fashion.

Here's where Brooks' argument gets tricky: he also points out that Young would fit best with a team featuring a strong running game and a vertical passing game. That is not Buffalo's offense as we know it with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. We talked about this in May, and my stance hasn't changed: Buffalo is far from ideal for Young. Brooks also mentioned Miami and Oakland; these are much better fits for the former No. 3 overall pick, in my opinion.