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Bills New Uniforms: C.J. Spiller, Leodis McKelvin Switch Numbers

Lost amongst the kerfuffle of last night's Buffalo Bills uniform unveiling was the fact that two of the team's more prominent players switched jersey numbers. Fans were momentarily confused when new-look C.J. Spiller jerseys also had a new number (28), but the Bills confirmed that Spiller and Leodis McKelvin have swapped digits. Spiller will now don No. 28, while McKelvin will flip to No. 21.

Spiller seems excited about the move back to the number he wore in college, tweeting the following message to his fans last night: "Thank you Lord its official I will be back in my #28 jersey for rest of my career".

McKelvin has worn the 28 since coming into the league in 2008. He wore No. 34, but with that number unofficially retired thanks to Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas, it was unavailable to McKelvin from the get-go.

At this point, the only Bills that remain numberless - at least to our knowledge - are the team's draft picks, aside from first-round pick Marcell Dareus. His No. 99 is available for purchase, as well.