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Stevie Johnson Takes In Bills Uniform Unveiling

Getty Images

When the Buffalo Bills unveiled their new uniforms on Friday night, distinguished area military men modeled the new looks thanks to the unavailability of Bills players due to the NFL lockout. That didn't stop one Bills player from showing up at Ralph Wilson Stadium - as a common citizen, mind you - to check out the team's new jerseys.

During the event, Stevie Johnson sent out a tweet from the stands, where a ticket to the event was required. He mentioned that it was motivating to see Bills fans come out to the event at the stadium - and then when alert fans found him, he spent the rest of his evening signing autographs in the stadium.

Now, obviously, NFL players are prohibited from being at team facilities - hence the word "lockout." Johnson, however, did not have any contact with team officials (that we know of), and sat up in the stands for the event with the rest of the fans in attendance, away from the official action. It's unlikely that his decision to attend the event would be frowned upon - and, frankly, it was nice to hear that a player spent some time with fans in Buffalo.