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Poll: Do You Approve Of The Bills' New Uniforms?


The plan was to get back to football - in the form of our Buffalo Bills re-watch - this morning. But we're up to the Bills' drubbing at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings in that series, so let's put that off for a few more hours and take one last look at the team's shiny new uniforms, shall we?

This will be a simple link post recapping the weekend's coverage - and yes, for those of you who didn't miss any of this, we've got one new link for you that you're definitely going to want to check out. We'll take this opportunity to officially poll you on the new look, as well.

New Uniform Photos: We got some shots of the uniforms up close in the team locker room, and posted them to the Buffalo Rumblings Facebook page. To my eye, however, nobody got better uniform photos than Michael Thomas of Check out his full album, but pay close attention to this, this and this.

Event Coverage: If you missed our uniform breakdown or our coverage from the locker room, give those a read. Also, two players switched numbers, and one currently locked-out Bill made it into Ralph Wilson Stadium for the event.