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Former Bills WR Terrell Owens Considering Retirement

Thanks to a knee injury that required surgery - and which could keep him out of NFL action this coming season until mid-November - former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens is considering retirement from professional football, per a report.

Owens, as you may recall, spent one season in his Hall of Fame-worthy career as a member of the Bills, where he signed a one-year free agent deal in 2009. His season in Buffalo was tumultuous, notable for the fact that the Bills fired head coach Dick Jauron mid-way through the season, switched starting quarterbacks, and began overhauling their front office with the promotion of national scout Buddy Nix to General Manager.

In his one year in Buffalo, Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and five touchdowns, while recording another score on an end around. He holds the Bills' franchise record for longest touchdown reception, having hauled in a 98-yard score from Ryan Fitzpatrick. And while we're on Fitzpatrick, Owens' tenure in Buffalo may be most notable for the fact that he was among the first to recognize Fitzpatrick for the quarterback that he was in 2010 under Chan Gailey.

Our question for you this morning: does Owens belong in the Hall of Fame?