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Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 13 At Minnesota (Second Half)

There is a silver lining to everything in life. In the case of the Buffalo Bills' Week 13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings last season, the silver lining of the contest was that after falling behind 31-7 at halftime, the second half flew by as both teams put on their cruise control. Thus, this notes section in our Bills re-watch will be a bit shorter than most that have preceded it. We doubt anyone's feelings will be hurt by this.

Week 13, second half: scores swapped, Bills fall 38-14 - NOTES

  • C.J. Spiller completely stops in his tracks on a kick return, then is brought down before the 20-yard line. An example of Spiller thinking and not reacting.
  • Andy Levitre is trucked backwards by Kevin Williams. Ryan Fitzpatrick is hit as he tries to force a pass between corner and safety to Lee Evans; the ball is tipped and falls incomplete.
  • Levitre and Cordaro Howard (right guard) miss blocks on a well-conceived screen pass on 3rd & 8. Bills are forced to punt.

Week 13, second half: scores swapped, Bills fall 38-14 - NOTES (cont.)

  • Kyle Williams pressures Tarvaris Jackson, forcing a dump-off pass.
  • Leodis McKelvin makes a diving interception on a Jackson pass that glances off of Greg Camarillo's hands. This is a truly excellent play overshadowed by his awful first half performance.
  • Fred Jackson makes two Vikings miss on a short running play. Levitre is flagged for a moronic unnecessary roughness penalty as he slams the Vikings that have stopped Jackson's progress.
  • Fitzpatrick throws off his back foot - the pressure has clearly gotten to him - but hits Evans anyway for 23 yards and a first down.
  • Corey McIntyre fumbles after catching a rollout pass. Vikings recover. This won't be the last time the Bills turn the ball over in scoring range.
  • Adrian Peterson is stacked up at the line of scrimmage, but Akin Ayodele can't finish the play. Four-yard gain.
  • Next play: Peterson again stacked up, but he bounces it left and picks up the first down.
  • Quinton Ganther is called for an unnecessary roughness penalty on a touchback punt. Bills start at their own 10-yard line. This is now beyond irritating.
  • David Martin left matched up on Jared Allen one-on-one on a run to the left. Allen stops Jackson for a big loss.
  • Fitzpatrick flushed from the pocket when Brian Robison cleanly beats Mansfield Wrotto. Fitzpatrick finds David Nelson for a first down.
  • Martin and Levitre both pull right and effectively seal, springing Spiller for a very quick 20 yards.
  • Jackson levels a defender as the blocking fullback on a toss sweep to Spiller. It's an impressive block, but still a short gain.
  • Wrotto called for a false start on 3rd & 3.
  • Fitzpatrick forced to throw early in the face of a free blitzer, and can't connect with Evans. Lee casually runs into the DB to prevent an interception.
  • Donte Whitner tries to take on Toby Gerhart too high, and Gerhart powers through him for a first down.
  • Paul Posluszny and Reggie Corner are free in the hole, but completely whiff on Gerhart, who picks up another first down.
  • Alex Carrington gets a late pressure on Jackson, but Sidney Rice still has enough time to separate from Drayton Florence for another first down.
  • Chris Kelsay creams Jackson on a boot left. Jackson decides it's a good idea to heave the ball down the field into double coverage anyway. Whitner picks it off and returns it 37 yards.
  • Allen beats Demetrius Bell with speed, then strips the ball out of Fitzpatrick's hand. Vikings recover. Second Bills turnover of the half. They're not done.
  • Very next play: Peterson goes untouched on a 43-yard touchdown run. That guy is a freak. Vikings now lead 38-7.
  • Fitzpatrick falls on a muffed snap from Kraig Urbik. Center play a huge issue for the Bills with Geoff Hangartner out, Eric Wood inactive.
  • Fitzpatrick makes a pretty throw in the face of another Allen pressure, fitting the ball between the corner and safety to Evans for 23 yards and a first down.
  • Jackson puts a nice seal block in on a Spiller draw. Spiller finishes the run well by running through a defender, but still could've picked up more yardage.
  • Williams destroys Urbik at the point of attack. Spiller dropped for a loss of four yards.
  • On a play-action fake, Fitzpatrick hits Evans for another first down. Levitre pulled on the play. Might have gotten more yardage without an Evans bobble.
  • Urbik injured on a well-defended, well-conceived shovel pass to Donald Jones. Levitre now playing center, Ed Wang in at left guard.
  • Nelson makes a tough catch at the goal line, but can't muscle through multiple defenders to get into the end zone.
  • On the next play, from inside the Vikings' one-yard line, Fitzpatrick muffs a snap from Levitre, and Ben Leber recovers for Minnesota. Third turnover of the half, second in scoring range. This team sure does like to turn it over in bunches.
  • Spiller runs outside instead of in, where his block was, on a well-set up punt return. Legitimate scoring opportunity nullified.
  • Fitzpatrick overthrows Evans on a fly pattern against Minnesota's second-team defense. Would've been a touchdown.
  • Robison smacks Fitzpatrick as he throws, forcing a fourth down. Robison ran right by Wrotto.
  • Stevie Johnson converts a 4th & 7 with a 28-yard catch and run.
  • Fitzpatrick finds Nelson on a good read for a touchdown. Nelson nearly drops it, he's so open. Score is now 38-14.
  • Jim Kleinsasser outmuscles Posluszny for a first down as the Vikings execute their four-minute offense.
  • Bills get the ball back with 23 seconds remaining, and hand the ball to Jackson to end the game. Good idea: let's keep Ryan in one piece.