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Poll: Is Bills P Brian Moorman On The Decline?

Brian Moorman has long been a team captain and leader for the Buffalo Bills, and is without doubt a great and charitable person. Now age 35 and the team's elder statesmen, Moorman has been fighting the stigma that he's on the decline for a couple of years now within the Bills fan base. We're wondering if that's a fair assessment; hence this poll.

Moorman was once considered one of the best punters in the league, if not the cream of the crop. He was especially effective in 2005 and 2006, when he made consecutive Pro Bowl berths and was a deadly asset for the team in flipping field position. Now, he is generally still highly-regarded in league circles, but not perhaps at the peak of the league as he once was.

The idea that he's 'on the decline,' in the general sense that term is used - typically, that phrase is quickly turned into 'he's done' - may be faulty. Moorman has always had volatile numbers year-to-year, specifically in average punt length. His hang time is still consistently excellent, evident by his consistently high fair catch totals. It is fair to say, however, that his ball-striking has become less consistent - he's shanked his fair share of kicks over the last couple of years - and he's also seen his in-20 totals drop off considerably, as well. These are still areas that it's conceivable he can still improve in.