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Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 14 vs. Cleveland (First Half)

The Buffalo Bills were coming off of two straight horrific losses, were banged up on the offensive line, and needed to right the ship. In Week 14, they took on a Cleveland Browns outfit that was much more capable than the team that showed up at Ralph Wilson Stadium - and, luckily for the Bills, just bad enough offensively for the Bills to end their losing streak and get back into the win column.

Week 14, first half: Bills open up 10-6 lead on Browns - NOTES

  • Browns gashed the Bills on the ground early. Simple blocking scheme: double a DT, get two to the second level, and Peyton Hillis is off to the races. Bills have no answer.
  • Chris Kelsay misses a tackle on Hillis on the last of his lengthy early first-quarter runs. Would've been a very minimal gain.

Week 14, first half: Bills open up 10-6 lead on Browns - NOTES (cont.)

  • Paul Posluszny makes two of three tackles on a massive goal-line stand by the Bills defense that featured no Browns passes. Browns settle for a field goal and a 3-0 lead.
  • Demetrius Bell doesn't get to the second level quickly enough, but C.J. Spiller makes his man miss and picks up five yards.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick throws several feet over Stevie Johnson's head on a short out route. Would only have been a short gain.
  • Chris Gocong handily beats Bell off the edge and sacks Fitzpatrick, who fumbles. Browns recover and have terrific field position.
  • Next play: Kyle Williams explodes off the snap and disrupts a running lane; Hillis tries to hurdle Jairus Byrd, who pokes the ball out and directly into Williams' arms. Williams uses his stiff-arm to pick up a few more yards.
  • On a play-action pass that featured no pulling guards, Fitzpatrick throws a laser to Johnson for 20 yards and a first down. Very pretty play.
  • Andy Levitre and Chad Rinehart (rotating with Cordaro Howard at right guard) don't look great on a pull, but Spiller finds a seam between them and explodes through it for five yards. Play aided by a blatant, uncalled hold by Scott Chandler.
  • Another play-action pass with no pull. Only two receivers out in route (max protection), both are double-covered. Fitzpatrick forces the ball to Lee Evans, and the pass is very nearly picked off. Had time to throw, and David Martin breaking open underneath.
  • Bills go for it on fourth down just out of field goal range. Fitzpatrick throws errantly toward Evans, and Joe Haden breaks the play up.
  • Williams blows up another running lane. Drayton Florence cleans the play up as Hillis bounces left for a short gain.
  • Awful quarterback play from Jake Delhomme. Horrid. Cleveland should never pass.
  • On a 3rd & 2, Bills operate out of shotgun with empty backfield. Fitzpatrick hits Donald Jones on a short crossing pattern for an easy first down.
  • Corey McIntyre is assigned to an edge rusher, can't sustain. No worries: Fitzpatrick steps up into the pocket, then takes off for a gain of 13.
  • Browns get a blitzer free. Fitzpatrick sidesteps him, then picks up another 12 yards and a first down with his legs.
  • Bills' offensive line consistently getting good push. Not huge runs, but consistent 3-5 yard chunks. We haven't seen this all season.
  • Johnson makes a pretty toe-tapping catch for a first down on a great throw from Fitzpatrick, who put the ball high to avoid the defender.
  • Fitzpatrick airmails Chandler in the end zone. Good thing, too: a low throw is probably picked off. Browns had great coverage on the play.
  • David Nelson makes a beautiful catch up the seam for a touchdown. One Brown blew an assignment, and Fitzpatrick made them pay. Bills take a 7-3 lead.
  • Mohamed Massaquoi gets free up the seam, with only Arthur Moats in pursuit, as the Browns catch the Bills in a soft zone. Byrd is late to get over, and Delhomme lollipops a throw in for a 35-yard gain.
  • Torell Troup blows up a running lane playing the zero-technique, and Hillis is limited to a short gain.
  • Brian Robiskie beats Florence on a nice back-shoulder throw from Delhomme for another first down.
  • Hillis runs over Kyle to pick up eight yards. This is proof positive, in case you needed more, that Peyton Hillis is a beast.
  • Kelsay is blatantly held as Mike Bell bounces a run outside to the right, but it's not called. Still a short gain due to a near-fumble on the exchange.
  • Great coverage by the Bills keeps the Browns out of the end zone. It's now 7-6 after Cleveland settles for another field goal.
  • Spiller fumbles the ensuing kickoff, but it trickles out of bounds.
  • T.J. Ward makes a great read on a short Fitzpatrick throw to Jonathan Stupar, but can't make a play on the ball. Stupar is free to pick up 35 yards after the catch, but he gets into Evans' legs as he's tackled, and Evans is visibly hobbled on the field. The next play would be Evans' last of the season.
  • Next play: Fitzpatrick rolls on a bootleg out of play-action, tucks it in and picks up 18 on another big scramble. He's killing the Browns with his legs.
  • Jones runs late onto the field after a timeout; team is flummoxed somewhat personnel-wise without Evans. Fitzpatrick makes a last-second alignment adjustment that costs the team five yards in the form of a delay of game penalty.
  • Shaun Rogers drives Bell backwards into the pocket, and Fitzpatrick is sacked. That Bills touchdown opportunity is quickly dwindling.
  • Fitzpatrick overthrows Johnson in the end zone. Browns had a corner and a safety on Johnson, and he ran a fantastic route to find some space. Fitzpatrick just overthrew him. Bills settle for a field goal, extending their lead to 10-6.
  • Jon Corto is called for a low block on the ensuing kickoff, a squib. The short kick, return and penalty set the Browns up in Bills territory.
  • Delhomme checks down with under ten seconds remaining, and the Browns are left to try a hail mary as the half ends. Bryan Scott breaks the pass up to end the half.