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Gaughan: Bills Coaches Refunded If No Games Missed

Back on May 23, Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe reported that the Buffalo Bills had mandated that its assistant coaches and personnel department take pay cuts during the NFL lockout - and that the money wouldn't be refunded.

Mark Gaughan of The Buffalo News reported the exact opposite on Thursday.

In his article detailing the coaching staff's disavowing a court brief filed by the NFL Coaches' Association, Gaughan reported that should the NFL not miss any games once the lockout is ended, Buffalo's coaches will get their money back.

"... the Bills’ coaches have it in their contracts that they would get withheld salary back if no games are lost," Gaughan wrote.

The Bills have cut salary and benefits for all employees from the CEO down during the lockout. This is the first we've heard of clauses ensuring repayment to anyone in the organization should the lockout end on time, but it's not clear if all team employees will be afforded the same opportunity.