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Stevie Johnson Fares Well In ESPN's Fantasy Football Rankings

ESPN has released its annual fantasy football rankings, and as you might imagine, the only Buffalo Bills player to make out well in the endeavor was wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

Johnson is the 19th-ranked receiver, and very nearly cracked the Top 50 overall fantasy prospects, coming in at No. 52. In a standard ten-team fantasy format, Johnson would be a No. 2 receiver and a sixth-round pick, per ESPN.

Fred Jackson came in at No. 58 overall and the 25th-ranked running back. His backfield cohort, C.J. Spiller, also cracked the Top 100, coming in at No. 92 overall, and the 38th-ranked running back. Lee Evans (No. 186 overall, 59th-ranked receiver) and Roscoe Parrish (No. 247 overall, 83rd-ranked receiver) also cracked the Top 300.

Which leaves us, of course, with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Buffalo's signal-caller came in at No. 173 overall - an 18th-round value, with many drafts stopping at Round 16 - and the No. 25 quarterback. Which I don't have a problem with. It's curious, however, that Fitzpatrick is ranked behind both Tim Tebow and Vince Young in fantasy football.