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Marcell Dareus Doing Lawn Work During NFL Lockout

Imagine a world in which you're a world-class athlete on the cusp of making millions of dollars, but the NFL lockout has caused you to move back into the home you lived in during high school. Such is the plight of many, many NFL rookies, including Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Marcell Dareus.

What is Dareus up to besides working out during the lockout? He's helping his surrogate father, Lester Reasor - also known as "Sarge" - maintain his lawn. (Dareus is back living with the family that took him in as a youth.)

"Everybody calls him 'Sergeant,' because he was a sergeant in the Army," Dareus told the Associated Press. "At 6 o'clock in the morning, we're up cutting grass. He ain't playing. He's crazy about keeping his yard cut. He has kind of a big yard. We cut it twice a week and trim his hedges. It's an all-day thing."

When asked whether he was pushing a mower or driving one, Dareus groaned and replied: "He's old school."

You can check out the AP story for a glimpse into Aaron Williams' lockout life, as well.