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Bills Won't Wear Throwback Uniforms In 2011

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The Buffalo Bills are set to unveil their newly re-designed uniforms on June 24, and while Bills fans are generally excited about the change, there is one unfortunate side effect: at least for 2011, the team's highly popular throwback jerseys will no longer be used.

Chris Brown of confirmed the news on Friday: "I’ve been told that the team will not be wearing an alternate third jersey in the 2011 season," Brown wrote. "Just a home and away jersey."

As well-liked as Buffalo's throwback jerseys have been, the Bills have never exactly performed well in them. If memory is serving me well on a Sunday morning in June, the Bills have worn throwback jerseys 12 times, and are 4-8 in those contests. Sure, they're 2-0 against the Dolphins in those duds, but also suffered some crushing defeats, including last-second losses to Dallas (2007), New England (2009, in a white throwback) and Pittsburgh (2010). Perhaps we'll see the jerseys again someday; in 2011, however, it's all about the new look.