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Rumblings Recap: Buffalo Bills Coverage, 5/29 - 6/5

Just as we do every week, here's a recap of the week that was at Buffalo Rumblings. With the holiday-shortened week behind us, we'll get back to our usual higher-volume coverage of the Buffalo Bills starting tomorrow. Enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon, Western New York.

Discussion: How Could Bills Improve Game Day Experience? - Buffalo Rumblings
At least one NFL bigwig is cognizant of the idea that NFL teams have to compete for dollars with fans that are perfectly content watching football at home.

David Nelson Speaks With Buffalo Rumblings About Joplin, MO - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Bills WR David Nelson speaks with Buffalo Rumblings about his time spent helping the victims of last month's deadly tornadoes.


More New Details On Shawne Merriman's Contract - Buffalo Rumblings
Adam Caplan is the latest reputable NFL writer to report slightly different details on Shawne Merriman's contract extension with the Bills.

Buffalo Bills New Uniforms To Be Unveiled June 24 - Buffalo Rumblings
The Buffalo Bills will unveil their new uniforms at a fan event on Friday, June 24 at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Bills' Brian Moorman, David Nelson Helping In Joplin, MO - Buffalo Rumblings
David Nelson and Brian Moorman are helping the residents of Joplin, Missouri after the deadly tornadoes last month.

Gaughan: Bills Coaches Refunded If No Games Missed - Buffalo Rumblings
Mark Gaughan of The Buffalo News reports that Buffalo Bills coaches will get back withheld salary if the NFL lockout ends in time for every game to be played.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Assuming Bills Leadership Role - Buffalo Rumblings
Several of his teammates think Ryan Fitzpatrick is exhibiting much more confidence this off-season as he takes over the offense full-time.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Has Praise For David Nelson, Too - Buffalo Rumblings
Bills WR David Nelson has had a lot of nice things to say about QB Ryan Fitzpatrick lately. On Saturday, Fitzpatrick returned the favor.

Bills Won't Wear Throwback Uniforms In 2011 - Buffalo Rumblings
With new Bills jerseys on the way, the team's highly popular throwback uniforms will be retired for the 2011 season.


Poll: Is Marshawn Lynch Better Than Fred Jackson? - Buffalo Rumblings
Pat Kirwan thinks Marshawn Lynch is a better running back than Fred Jackson. We have a hunch most Bills fans will disagree with that assessment.

Bills Build Competitive Depth At WR, OLB - Buffalo Rumblings
Just as they did at wide receiver a year ago, the Buffalo Bills have built competitive depth at outside linebacker.

Poll: Will Browns Pursue Paul Posluszny, Donte Whitner? - Buffalo Rumblings
Might former Bills head coach Dick Jauron poach former pupils Donte Whitner and/or Paul Posluszny from his former team once free agency starts?

An Interesting Stat On Bills WR David Nelson - Buffalo Rumblings
No NFL wide receiver spent a higher percentage of time lining up in the slot than Buffalo Bills rookie David Nelson last season.

Adam Schein: Buffalo Bills Are NFL's Worst Franchise - Buffalo Rumblings's Adam Schein believes that the Buffalo Bills are the worst organization in the NFL. Buffalo Rumblings is not convinced.

Football Outsiders Examines Buffalo's Poor Run Defense - Buffalo Rumblings
Football Outsiders goes in-depth regarding just how bad the Buffalo Bills' run defense was in 2010.

On NFL Matchups And Buffalo's Defensive Personnel - Buffalo Rumblings
The NFL is a game of matchups. Here's how the Bills are attempting to address their lack of matchup prowess defensively.


Bills NT Michael Jasper Is A Strong Individual - Buffalo Rumblings
Bills rookie nose tackle Michael Jasper can bench press 505 pounds. No big deal.

Billy Shaw On Bob Kalsu's Sacrifice - Buffalo Rumblings
On this Memorial Day, Hall of Fame guard Billy Shaw pays tribute to the man that may have replaced him in the Bills lineup.

Shawne Merriman Officially Needs The Lockout To End - Buffalo Rumblings
We know why Shawne Merriman did this. We just don't know why Shawne Merriman did this.


NFL Lockout: Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith Meet Secretly - Buffalo Rumblings
On the eve of the start of the appeals process on the NFL labor front, the NFL and NFLPA met in secret in Chicago on Wednesday night.

NFL Lockout: Mixed Feelings Following Court Hearing - Buffalo Rumblings
Following Friday's court hearing, there are mixed feelings about the future of negotiations on the NFL labor front.