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Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 8 At Kansas City (First Half)

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In the third reviewed game in our Buffalo Bills re-watch, it's time to take a look at the team's Week 8 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Just as we did in our reviews of the Jacksonville and Baltimore games, we'll break down the game by halves, starting with the first half - in which the Bills were competitive, but still trailed the Chiefs at the half.

Week 8, first half: Chiefs lead Bills 7-0 - NOTES

  • Andra Davis late to recognize play-action and drop, giving Leonard Pope ample room to gain first-down yardage.
  • Bills are burned on yet another reverse play when Jamaal Charles, lined up wide, follows Tony Moeaki on a long sweep.
  • Arthur Moats puts a pretty spin move on Branden Albert, hitting Matt Cassel on 3rd & 7 to force a drive-ending incompletion.

Week 8, first half: Chiefs lead Bills 7-0 - NOTES (continued)

  • Derrick Johnson reads Ryan Fitzpatrick like a book pre-snap, jumping a route and dropping what would've been a pick-six.
  • Fitzpatrick hit by a Chiefs defender for an incompletion when Cordaro Howard can't sustain his block at right tackle.
  • Fitzpatrick connects with Stevie Johnson on 3rd & 10 for first-down yardage. Really nice timing pattern. Ball was out before Johnson made his break.
  • Roscoe Parrish catches a Fitzpatrick bullet on 3rd & 11 for first-down yardage. Parrish finds a hole in the zone between three defenders. Fitzpatrick had terrific protection.
  • Tamba Hali burns Demetrius Bell to the inside, and Fred Jackson can't get a good chip on him. On the other side of the formation, Andy Studebaker beats Howard with a simple speed rush. Fitzpatrick had no shot, and is sacked.
  • Paul Posluszny takes on a fullback in the hole, sheds, stops Charles after a three-yard gain. This is something he needs to do much, much more.
  • Posluszny comes in a run blitz, stops Thomas Jones at the line of scrimmage.
  • Brian Moorman makes a great catch on a wide long snap from Garrison Sanborn. Moorman hit, running into the kicker called, Bills drive sustained.
  • Wallace Gilberry is the latest Chief to make Howard look like a statue. Gilberry hits Fitzpatrick, forcing a fumble that Fitzpatrick scrambles to recover. (This play pictured at the top of the post.)
  • Hali blows by Howard; Howard tackles him on an obvious hold that goes uncalled. Brandon Carr makes a pretty pass break-up on an otherwise good-looking throw and route from Fitzpatrick and Johnson.
  • Dwan Edwards perfectly defends a designed screen pass to Moeaki. Chiefs play-calling has been extremely suspect.
  • Brian Waters dominates Kyle Williams at the point of attack, driving Buffalo's best defender three yards backwards.
  • George Wilson drops a terrible Cassel throw on an interception opportunity that simply can't be dropped. Ball was in the middle of his strike zone.
  • Williams shoots a gap, Posluszny follows, and they stop Jones at the line of scrimmage.
  • Good coverage allows Williams to beat a double-team and sack Cassel on a fourth-down opportunity. Todd Haley passed up a 37-yard field goal on this play.
  • Eric Wood flagged for a false start, turning a 2nd & 8 into a 2nd & 13. Bills have been in long-yardage situations all day.
  • Fitzpatrick short-arms a simple dump-off on a screen play that Jackson could've turned into a moderate gain.
  • Pressured by a blitzing Chiefs safety, Fitzpatrick throws off of his back foot and C.J. Spiller can't haul in a bullet on a screen pass that, frankly, was set up so perfectly that Spiller might've scored on it.
  • Torell Troup gets low and slips Waters to the inside, forcing Jones to cut it back into the pile.
  • Akin Ayodele sits on a two-yard pass route intended for Pope on 3rd & 1, breaks it up to bring up fourth down. Another weird play-call by the Chiefs.
  • Corey McIntyre can't stick to Hali in the hole, allowing Hali to make the play on a Spiller run that could've been a long gainer.
  • Spiller makes a jab cut to the outside on a simple run in the B gap, setting up his blockers perfectly. Then he undoes all of that nice work by fumbling.
  • Donald Jones puts a serious lick on Javier Arenas on a punt. Steve Tasker, calling the game with Gus Johnson: "Give me a moment while I have a flashback."
  • Chiefs get Charles out on Posluszny in coverage singled up. Shocker: Charles turns a short pass into a huge gain.
  • Williams, Chris Kelsay and Reggie Torbor all whiff as Charles picks up a huge chunk of yardage down to the Bills' one-yard line.
  • Dwayne Bowe makes it look easy, posting up Drayton Florence on a simple fade pass from Cassel. 7-0 Chiefs.
  • Fitzpatrick airmails David Nelson on a pass that easily could've been intercepted.
  • Gilberry called for roughing the passer (blow to the head) that extends the Bills' drive. Chiefs mistakes have prevented this lead from being much bigger.
  • Hali blows up Howard, then Wood pushes Hali into Fitzpatrick's ankles. Fitzpatrick sacked.