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Ryan Fitzpatrick Bills' Best At Beating Pressure

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When it came to surrendering pressure in 2010, the Buffalo Bills were a middle of the pack team, according to a recent study by Pro Football FocusPer their report, the Bills surrendered pressure on 237 of 605 passing snaps; allowing pressure on 39.2 percent of their passing snaps placed the Bills No. 20 in the NFL.

As PFF points out, mitigating pressure isn't all about the offensive line. Buffalo's pass protectors also finished No. 20 in the league. Backs, tight ends and receivers also factored into the equation, and Buffalo's finished No. 21 in the NFL. The team's tight ends were particularly bad in pass protection, but the backs also struggled from time to time.

If there was a bright spot in avoiding pressure, it was starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Bills quarterbacks invited five pressures on the season, good for the fourth-lowest total in the league and the eighth-lowest per-play percentage. I'm not sure if Trent Edwards or Brian Brohm were responsible for any of those pressures, but it certainly stands to reason that Buffalo might have climbed a tick or two had Fitzpatrick played 16 games.