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Discussion: What Is The Bills' Weakest Positional Group?

We have a question for you today, readers of Buffalo Rumblings: which Buffalo Bills positional group do you consider the team's weakest?

The Bills are coming off a 4-12 season, and while the team insists that it's moving in the right direction, even the most optimistic Bills fan will admit that the team still has personnel shortcomings to overcome. There are a few contenders in this "worst positional group" discussion, and some of them carry a high degree of importance on the field.

For my money, I can't see a less effective group of players on this team than the tight end corps. Of the three players currently under contract, David Martin is the most consistent, but got pushed around too often as a blocker and doesn't add much as a receiver. Shawn Nelson has good receiving upside and gives good effort as a blocker, but health and durability concerns have severely limited his field time. Mike Caussin is an unknown.

Scott Chandler has upside as a blocker, but also likely won't add much as a receiver. Jonathan Stupar saw his playing time reduced dramatically during the 2010 season. No, the tight end isn't prominent in Chan Gailey's offense, but there's probably a good reason for that: the team doesn't have more than depth options at the position.