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Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 8 At Kansas City (OT)

At this point, we've reviewed the first half and the second half of the Buffalo Bills' 13-10 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8 of the 2010 NFL regular season. Buffalo trailed 7-0 at halftime, but outscored the Chiefs 10-3 in the second half to send the game to overtime. OT was a back-and-forth affair, and the Chiefs were able to get a game-winning field goal with seconds to go. Here are my notes from the fifth quarter of play.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick throws a terrific block on Mike Vrabel on a Roscoe Parrish reverse. Vrabel grabs Fitzpatrick's facemask, adding 15 yards to a 12-yard run by Parrish. Bills already near field goal range.
  • Fitzpatrick gets rid of the ball on a timing pattern. He and Lee Evans are out of sync, and the ball gets there early. Incompletion on pass that would've yielded field goal range.
  • Geoff Hangartner whiffs on Vrabel during a Fred Jackson screen, helping to keep the Bills out of field goal range.
  • Drayton Florence tips a pass intended for Dwayne Bowe up into the air. Donte Whitner had a shot to pick it off, but stopped pursuing when Florence got a hand on it, and couldn't recover.
  • Leodis McKelvin slips a Bowe block on a Matt Cassel scramble, stopping him short of first down yardage.
  • Parrish picks up 12 yards running straight upfield on a bubble screen. Chan Gailey targeting Parrish early and often in the clutch.
  • Aided by a poorly-executed stunt, Demetrius Bell is able to single-handedly erase two Chiefs blitzers as Fitzpatrick throws a strike to Evans to sustain a drive.
  • Fitzpatrick hits Evans again as three Chiefs bite hard on a non-route run by C.J. Spiller, leaving Evans alone with a safety.
  • Spiller goes in motion, matched up against Derrick Johnson in man coverage. Spiller burns Johnson and is wide open on a fly route, but Fitzpatrick overthrows him. Would've been a TD, or a Stevie-like drop.
  • Fitzpatrick locks onto David Nelson, then throws over his head to set up 3rd & 10.
  • Bell is burned by Wallace Gilberry. Cordaro Howard is torched by Tamba Hali. Fitzpatrick evades both rushers and manages a three-yard scramble, putting the Bills in (lengthy) field goal range.
  • Rian Lindell buries a 53-yard field goal, but Todd Haley got the timeout in on time.
  • On Lindell's second attempt, his swing is fat, the ball comes out low, and the ball hits the upright.
  • Akin Ayodele is burned by Tony Moeaki, as the former bit hard on a Chiefs play fake. Chris Kelsay played this perfectly, covering Jamaal Charles in the flat, but couldn't recover quickly enough to make up for Ayodele's mistake.
  • Paul Posluszny makes a big stop on a Charles 3rd & 6 draw that could've yielded first down yardage. Instead, Chiefs forced to kick.
  • Ryan Succop hooks a 39-yard field goal left to keep the Bills alive.
  • Evans draws a holding penalty on Brandon Flowers, as the corner grabs his jersey from behind when Evans blows by him on a fly route. Unimpeded, it's another scoring opportunity for the Bills, so this was a smart penalty by Flowers.
  • Fitzpatrick scrambles for 14 yards to put the Bills on the cusp of field goal range for a third time in OT.
  • Fitzpatrick is errant on a short throw to Steve Johnson that would've been a short gain, but earned doable field goal range.
  • A risky, yet nicely-thrown Fitzpatrick pass bounces off of Parrish's hands. Again, a completion would've yielded field goal range.
  • Hali bull rushes Howard into the backfield, hits Fitzpatrick and forces not only an incompletion on third down, but also an intentional grounding. Bills forced to punt.
  • Brian Moorman attempts a coffin corner punt, and shanks it. Ball goes out of bounds at the Chiefs' 31-yard line.
  • Bryan Scott misses a tackle on Charles in space on a short passing route. On the next play, Scott is beaten by Moeaki, then misses another tackle. Chiefs already in field goal range.
  • Moeaki settles between Scott and Whitner in a zone to get the ball closer. A last Charles run gives Succop a chip shot, which he makes. Game over.