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Stevie Johnson Loves Buffalo, Too

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As it turns out, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson does, indeed, like playing games in Toronto. If you're one of the small contingent of Bills fans that took issue with Stevie's phrasing of that opinion, just know that he still enjoys playing football for you.

"The fans are still down for you. It’s easy to suit up every week even though you haven’t been to the playoffs in a while," Johnson said in a lengthy interview with "It’s like if the fans still care and they still come to see the team, you can’t give up on them. They’re sitting out in the cold, cheering for [us despite] coming in at 4-12. It’s easy to play for fans like that."

Johnson also spoke about the idea of being part of a re-building team. He'd rather start from the ground up.

"At the same time, I’d rather build a dynasty than to join one," Johnson said. "That’s why I went to the University of Kentucky. It was a team that was down and we end up turning it around. Hopefully we can do the same thing in Buffalo. I’ve got a lot of faith in our guys and I feel like we can turn this thing around."