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Bills Confirm Blue End Zones For Ralph Wilson Stadium

Back in early May, when The Buffalo News first profiled the company that is currently replacing the field surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium, the article featured a blueprint for the field that included blue end zones.

When we pointed it out in May, there was some lingering question as to whether or not that image was accurate, and that the end zones would in fact be blue. (For the past several years, the end zones had not been colored, forgoing that option to leave them green (as pictured).

This morning, however, the Buffalo Bills - via CEO Russ Brandon - have confirmed that the end zones will, indeed, be blue.

This is a departure from the team's glory years, when the turf at Rich Stadium (as it was named at the time) featured red end zones. It also appears that the new surface will feature a bigger Bills logo at mid-field than we have seen in recent years, as opposed to the team's new helmet.