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Quantifying How Tough It Is To Be A Bills Fan

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I'm a Buffalo Bills fan. You're all Bills fans. A very large number of us spend every day of our lives right here, commiserating about the current state of our favorite football team. You don't need me, or anyone else, to tell you that it's tough being a Bills fan. The folks at The Business Journals have quantified it, however.

Apparently, and perhaps surprisingly to many of you, being a Bills fan is only the fourth-worst situation to find yourself in as a fan of a particular football team.

Using a grading formula split between a team's record over 10 years (accounting for 50 percent of the number) and other criteria such as playoff appearances, wins and championships in non-defunct leagues (the other 50 percent), only three NFL teams are tougher to root for than the Bills, per the study: the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

Hey! The Bills won 75 percent of their games against those three teams last year. Go figure. (Oh, and their fourth win? Over the Miami Dolphins? Miami finished just two slots ahead of Buffalo, with the sixth-worst grade in the league.)