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Bills Make Forbes' 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams List

Forbes has released a list of the 50 most valuable sports franchises currently in existence, and unsurprisingly, the Buffalo Bills made the cut. Valued at $799 million, the Bills rank No. 39 on a list that is dominated by NFL teams.

Several non-American football teams made the cut ahead of the Bills, including multiple soccer clubs, a couple of racing teams, and baseball teams such as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

We bring this up here due to many of the conversations that we've had in recent weeks regarding the future of the Bills in Buffalo. True, the Bills are valued at a significantly smaller sum than the teams at the top of the list. When the Bills are no longer Ralph Wilson's, however, and if the team is sold to the highest bidder, those candidates will be bidding on one of the 40 most valuable sports franchises on the planet.

Keep this in mind when pondering the future of the Bills in Western New York. They may not have been very good for a long time, but there's no doubt that the franchise is a valuable commodity.