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PFF: Andy Levitre Is Bills' Best Blocker

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Yesterday, the folks at Pro Football Focus began ranking the NFL's 32 offensive line units in order from best to worst. No one here will be shocked to learn that the Buffalo Bills ranked poorly on the list, finishing No. 24 overall in the rankings.

PFF also points out something we already know: that the team needs to figure out what's going on at the right tackle position, calling it a "mess" last year - which is, of course, accurate. And, adding to the rhetoric we've heard all off-season, PFF also praised the progress Demetrius Bell made through injury from an awful 2009 season to an at times acceptable 2010 campaign.

Perhaps the most surprising item, however, was PFF calling out Andy Levitre as the team's best blocker (though, in the interest of accuracy, they did call him the "least worst").

I'm not sure I agree with that. Levitre has certainly been the most consistent and dependable of the lot, as he's yet to miss a start in his career, and perhaps that's the only requirement PFF was looking at. From what I've seen, Eric Wood has been the team's best pure blocker when healthy, which has obviously been a problem for the 2009 first-round pick.