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Grantland: Aaron Maybin One of NFL's 25 Worst Players

Earlier this week, Bill Barnwell (Grantland) wrote an article in which he attempted to identify the 25 least valuable players in the NFL. Unsurprisingly, Buffalo Bills player (linebacker? end? pass rusher?) Aaron Maybin made the list. That's something any Bills fan could've seen coming, for reasons that we have identified and discussed to the point of aggravation in this space. In fact, we've discussed it so thoroughly that it's barely worth mentioning.

However, inadvertently elevated this thing to another level entirely when they dragged Keith Ellison into the picture (literally, it seems). Keith Ellison has two career sacks, Leave the man alone.

In fairness, it's also possible that Ellison was mistaken for Akin Ayodele, who also made Barnwell's list (and ranked higher than Maybin, for some inexplicable reason). Maybe someone here wants to make that argument. I'll stick to my guns and insist that Ellison is Maybin's de facto understudy in this photo.