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Buffalo Bills Re-Watch: What Next?

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Next week, after our holiday weekend reaches its conclusion - obviously, we're in no rush for that to happen - we'll wrap up the note-taking portion of our Buffalo Bills re-watch by taking a look at the team's performances in Weeks 15 (a win over Miami) and 16 (a blowout loss to New England). Once that's in the books, we'll start looking at some of the finer details the following week.

However, during this multi-week run, I've fielded several questions from readers about specific players and plays, and also gotten requests for full posts on the same topics. Therefore, I'm using this as a sort of sounding board for y'all as we move into the next phase of the re-watch (which will hopefully be short-lived, cut short by the end of the lockout).

This is the one rule of the post: if you bring up a topic - whether it be a player, a personnel group, a position, or what have you - I'll either put it in the repository of future posts, or answer the inquiry directly right here. I'll be in and out all weekend, and will try to get to everyone who comments on this thread. Let's hear it, folks - what do you want to see next?