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John Clayton: Bills $35.9M Under Projected Salary Cap

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Over the last couple of days, Matt has been taking you through the various ways in which the Buffalo Bills can manipulate the salary cap to reach the anticipated new spending floor of the yet-to-be-agreed-upon CBA. It's important information, because according to ESPN's John Clayton, only four teams will have as much (or more) work to do on that front than Buffalo.

Per a report published by Clayton yesterday, the Bills are an estimated $35.9 million under the projected $120 million salary cap. The Cincinnati Bengals are also listed as being $35.9 million under the cap, while three more teams - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals - are even further under that figure.

As Matt put it, the Bills have a lot of money to spend. We still expect the bulk of that money to go to players on the current roster, but yes, the Bills will be bringing in players, plural, from other teams.

Just be thankful that our team doesn't have to spend as much as the Bucs do. Nearly $60 million under the cap, the clinic that the Bucs put on in building a young, winning team with a minimal payroll is about to be undone.