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NFL Lockout: Bills Notes From Last Night's Craziness

Perhaps it's best that I was away from my computer on Thursday night. Were I available, I may not have been able to give y'all a blow-by-blow of the craziness that was last night on the NFL labor front: owners unanimously ratified a new deal, players decided not to vote on it, and then the finger-pointing began.

I'll avoid that temptation again today, because it's likely y'all have heard it all already (and if you haven't, this is a good spot to catch up). Long story short: things are still pretty optimistic, and there's a chance the players put this thing to a vote today. In the meantime, there are a couple of Buffalo Bills items to mention from last night.

  • Owners voted 31-0 in favor of the new labor deal, with only the Oakland Raiders abstaining. That means that unlike the last CBA, in which he cast a negative vote, Bills owner Ralph Wilson signed off on this new deal. (As did the man vilified alongside him in 2006, Bengals owner Mike Brown.)
  • George Wilson, the Bills' player representative for the NFLPA, took to the airwaves last night to note that "significant issues remain" and that owners presented the deal in a way that would put pressure on players to accept it. Wilson was one of dozens of players to voice concerns about the tactic last night.