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ESPN: NFL Owners, Players Reach Labor Agreement

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ESPN is reporting that NFLPA executive committee members are en route to our nation's capital today in preparation for a vote on the proposed NFL labor deal that league owners ratified last week. The report also indicates that the players' side is making preparations for a major press conference, as well.

Why, you ask? Well, because according to ESPN's sources from both sides of the NFL's long labor standoff, an agreement - in full - has been reached.

Matt covered some of the finer points of the potential timeline for football's return and the beginning of training camps and free agency, and other details remain unclear. We're just going to re-emphasize what ESPN is reporting: a decade-long NFL labor agreement has been reached between league owners and players, down to every last detail.

Yes, there were days this summer where it felt like I'd never get to type that sentence. Maybe it's just the Bills fan in me, but now that I have, I'm just waiting for the next thing to go wrong.