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Announcement: Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football Returns

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This time next year, this Yahoo! Fantasy Football championship bobblehead won't be flying solo on my bookshelf.
This time next year, this Yahoo! Fantasy Football championship bobblehead won't be flying solo on my bookshelf.

With all signs continuing to point to the return of football sooner rather than later, it's time to announce that fantasy football through Buffalo Rumblings is set to begin once again. This year, SB Nation and Yahoo! Sports have teamed up to bring you the official fantasy football league of Buffalo Rumblings. More details after the jump.

Because of the popularity of the Yahoo! fantasy football platform, we're going to be opening up as many leagues through Yahoo! as necessary to satisfy the masses of you we're expecting to play with us this year. We have set up the first official league (yes, I am the TCRI Utroms, and yes, the Utroms will win the championship), and once we've garnered enough interest, we'll hold a drawing to determine who will join me in that league.

If you're interested in trying to dethrone me, I laugh in your face, but admire your competitive spirit nonetheless. However, because we're going to have multiple leagues, we're also going to need multiple commissioners. (I can't run all of the leagues, after all.)

Therefore, we're looking for commissioners. If you're interested in being a commissioner, please note that we'll remove you from consideration for the first official league - but you'll be able to hand-pick your own league members at a date to be determined later.

Come one, come all. If you're interested in playing fantasy football with us this year, simply leave a comment (and feel free to ask questions, as well) - or, if you're a lurker, send an email to If you email us, please tell us your Rumblings username (if you have one). As previously stated, we'll try to fit everyone in this year that we can. Let's play some fantasy football!

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