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Paul Posluszny's Jaguars Contract Averages $7M Annually

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In case you missed it last night, the Buffalo Bills fought hard to re-sign free agent linebacker Paul Posluszny, but couldn't get the job done, as Posluszny left to become the newest member of the Jacksonville Jaguars and their 4-3 defense. Many Bills fans were understandably upset at losing the fan favorite last night, while Jags fans are rather pleased.

With an assist from two reporters - Aaron Wilson of and Pete Prisco of - we now have sketchy details on the financial parameters of Posluszny's six-year contract with the Jaguars.

Wilson writes that Posluszny's contract will average $7 million annually - a fairly hefty market value for a player that has still only completed one 16-game season in his career, but not an unreasonable annual figure. Prisco, meanwhile, mentioned that Posluszny's deal could average as much as $7.5 million annually, and includes $15 million in guarantees. That guaranteed figure is highly reasonable.

Per the NFL's transition rules, Posluszny's agreed-to deal with Jacksonville cannot be signed until 6PM ET Friday. When that happens, it looks like Posluszny will be inking a six-year deal worth at least $42 million, with $15 million guaranteed.