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Bills Target Jason Babin Agrees To Terms With Eagles

Yesterday, Tennessee Titans free agent defensive end Jason Babin told Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean that he'd been contacted by five interested teams, including the Buffalo Bills. When we discussed it on Wednesday, many Bills fans were turned off to the idea, citing Babin's age (31) and his imperfect fit into the 3-4 defense.

Those fans can rest easy this morning, as's Jay Glazer reports that Babin has agreed to a five-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. There, he'll be re-united with the position coach, Jim Washburn, that turned Babin into an out=of-nowhere Pro Bowl player last season.

I still can't really wrap my mind around Buffalo's interest in Babin in the first place; perhaps I'm over-thinking it, as it's possible that they were just putting out a feeler to gauge his interest and price range. Still, it could be read as a sign that the team is interested in adding more depth to its stable of pass rushers, which would be a worthwhile endeavor for the team. They just won't be adding Babin.