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Report: Bills Negotiating With Nick Barnett's Agent

The Nick Barnett watch continues - panda watch style - and according to the latest reports, things are getting serious between the free agent linebacker and the Buffalo Bills.

Mark Ludwiczak of is reporting, along with every other media member in attendance at this morning's walk-through at St. John Fisher College, that Barnett is still in town, and took in the Bills' workout at Growney Stadium. What's more, Ludwiczak overheard Barnett ask GM Buddy Nix if he was "on the phone" as Barnett joined the Bills on the way back to the locker room; Ludwiczak reports that the Bills are currently negotiating with Barnett's agent, Chuck Price.

Obviously, this is a good sign if you're in support of Barnett joining the Bills, particularly since Barnett has already canceled a visit with the Detroit Lions scheduled for this afternoon. The downside, of course, is that Barnett - who would almost certainly be a starter in Buffalo - would be the second injury-prone 'backer in the Bills' starting lineup, joining Shawne Merriman.