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Poll: Who Is The Bills' Most Over-Hyped Player?

For better or worse, fans of any sports team are always looking for the next big thing. Sometimes it's justified; other times, it's not. Case in point: for two years, Buffalo Bills fans insisted that Stevie Johnson could play ball. He had his break-out season in 2010, and is bordering on legitimate NFL stardom. Meanwhile, Bills fans were bullish on Kyle Calloway, who didn't even make it through his first training camp, and is now in the UFL.

Hyping players isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's important to recognize it for what it is. Who is the most over-hyped Bill right now? We'll let you cast your own votes, but we've got three contenders for your early consideration.

Marcus Easley: He's big, fast and strong, and made some great catches last summer. That is the extent of our knowledge of Easley, yet he's as hyped as Johnson was.

Michael Jasper: The mammoth rookie nose tackle is revered simply for his size, but he's learning a new position coming from a small college.

Danny Batten: Desperate for a good pass rusher, Bills fans have turned some attention to Batten, a sixth-round pick that was on the same track as Arthur Moats before his injury.