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Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 15 At Miami (First Half)

If the Buffalo Bills' win over the Cleveland Browns in Week 14 of the 2010 NFL regular season was sloppy, then their win the following week over the Miami Dolphins was even sloppier. The Dolphins missed five field goals in the three-point contest, and the Bills repeatedly shot themselves in the foot, as they were given multiple golden opportunities to put the game away early.

Week 15, first half: Bills take 10-7 lead over Dolphins - NOTES

  • Kyle Williams stacks up a double-team, and Leodis McKelvin fills in hard to stop Ronnie Brown on a short gain.
  • Arthur Moats beats Jake Long on the edge, but Long gets a piece to push him past the pocket. Bryan Scott misses an open-field tackle on Ricky Williams, who picks up a first down.
  • Brandon Marshall beats Drayton Florence with ease for a quick, simple first down.

Week 15, first half: Bills take 10-7 lead over Dolphins - NOTES (cont.)

  • Marshall gets open on McKelvin on a short hot route.
  • Alex Carrington bats down a Chad Henne pass to force a fourth down.
  • Dan Carpenter pushes a field goal wide right.
  • Weak-side draw trap leaves Karlos Dansby unblocked, who chases down Fred Jackson easily for a short gain.
  • Naaman Roosevelt makes a pretty grab on the sidelines to convert a third down. Got two knees down inbounds.
  • Andy Levitre flagged for an iffy holding penalty on a pull.
  • Eric Wood can't get a hat on a safety on a slip screen to Jonathan Stupar. Short gain.
  • Demetrius Bell and Mansfield Wrotto can't sustain blocks. Ryan Fitzpatrick is sacked to end a drive. Had nowhere to go on the play.
  • Chris Kelsay blows up a running lane, and Brown is stuffed for no gain on 3rd & 1. Dolphins punt.
  • Fitzpatrick looks off coverage and throws hard back to his left to Steve Johnson, who was wide open underneath in a zone.
  • C.J. Spiller tries to bounce a run outside. Scott Chandler had no shot at blocking Koa Misi, who stops Spiller for a loss.
  • On 3rd & long, Dolphins rush three, so Fitzpatrick takes off up the middle. Gets nine, but it's short. Bills punt.
  • On play-action, Henne throws a nice ball over Moats' head and in front of Terrence McGee. Davone Bess makes it a first down.
  • With lots of time, Henne hits Marshall for a first down, who beat Florence on the play. As good as you can get coverage-wise.
  • Henne overthrows Kevin Curtis on play-action. An accurate throw is a touchdown, as Curtis had a step on Florence.
  • Williams absolutely destroys Ricky on a screen. George Edwards is jacked up on the sidelines.
  • Kelsay torches the right tackle and gets a hand on the ball as Henne releases. George Wilson brings in the wounded duck for an interception.
  • Spiller picks up a quick seven yards on a bubble screen. Pure speed gets the yardage, as it wasn't blocked particularly well.
  • Misdirection 3rd & 1 play singles out Cameron Wake, who remains gap responsible and stops Spiller short. It's OK: Jackson converts the fourth down on a run from the fullback position.
  • David Nelson bobbles a short pass over the middle, then picks up big after-catch yardage once he corrals it. Bills have a 1st & Goal.
  • Fitzpatrick makes a pretty back-shoulder throw to Johnson that would've been a touchdown without a beautiful pass break-up from Vontae Davis.
  • Mansfield Wrotto flagged for a false start, then a Johnson touchdown is nullified when he's called for OPI. Bills are moving backwards.
  • Fitzpatrick fits the ball between three defenders to Nelson for a gorgeous touchdown. Ball whizzed right over Dansby's head. Roughing penalty on Miami after the play. Bills lead 7-0.
  • Williams absolutely destroys a double-team, and it's another stop for a loss. Paul Posluszny helps to clean up on the tackle.
  • Bills bring a blitz, but Dolphins pick it up. However, as Henne looks for secondary options, Moats spins past a guard and sacks Henne to force a punt.
  • Spiller makes a spectacular punt return down the sideline, breaking two tackles and missing a touchdown by barely stepping out of bounds. 34-yard return.
  • On a play-action boot, Fitzpatrick finds Nelson for 23 yards at the second level. Dolphins bit on David Martin's route underneath.
  • Empty set on 3rd & 1, and Fitzpatrick misses everyone. Rian Lindell pumps in a short field goal, and the Bills lead 10-0.
  • Posluszny hits Henne as he throws, but Marshall is able to haul in a low throw on a double-move in front of McKelvin for a first down.
  • Torell Troup beats a double-team and gets heat on Henne, who is forced to throw it away.
  • Williams again reads a screen and is unblocked, but Anthony Fasano makes a nice cut behind him to pick up a first down.
  • Florence grabs Marshall's facemask on a short four-yard gain. Another 15 yards to Miami, who is quickly gaining back momentum.
  • Moats can't set the edge, Marshall buries Florence, and Brown walks into the end zone out of the Wildcat formation. 10-7 Bills.
  • Wood called for a hold on Paul Soliai. Wood falling, grabs onto Soliai to try to stay upright. Bills again moving backwards.
  • Donald Jones makes an outstanding catch on a fly pattern down the right sideline. Jones very nearly stays inbounds - could've been a much bigger gain.
  • Fitzpatrick makes a terrible read on a bubble screen, and throws the ball right to Benny Sapp. Sapp tries to lateral to Davis, and the Bills can't land on the ball. Dolphins recover; Bills lose a scoring opportunity. Jones injured when he collides with Johnson trying to recover the fumble.
  • After two short completions, Bills send a blitz and quickly sack Henne. Whitner, Moats and Williams all in on the action.
  • To end the half, Carpenter misses a 61-yard field goal well short. Florence catches it, fakes a long lateral on the reverse, then very nearly gives up a safety. 10-7 at halftime.