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Shawne Merriman's Acting Career Continues

Just a little over a month ago, Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Shawne Merriman made his acting debut during the NFL lockout. Today, he's got a cameo in a second acting endeavor, and this latest project he's involved with is a much better production. (Sorry, Norm Macdonald. You're still awesome.)

In Field of Dreams 2, a Funny or Die production spoofing the original (and actual) movie, Taylor Lautner is an Iowa corn farmer who builds a football field in the middle of his corn fields. NFL players - including Merriman - show up to play football, Roger Goodell tries to get Lautner to lock the players out of his corn field, and Dennis Haysbert (perhaps some of you know him better as President David Palmer in 24) bores everyone stupid with more lockout jargon.

This is what we get until the lockout ends, folks. At least this was humorous, even if I didn't immediately know who Taylor Lautner is.