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PFF: Kyle Williams NFL's Second-Best DT Since 2008

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Y'all have known for many months that the folks over at are big fans of Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams. PFF has been studying players and compiling data for three full seasons now - and in that time frame, they rate Williams as the second-best defensive tackle in the NFL.

Who beat out Kyle for the top spot since 2008? That would be Minnesota Vikings anchor Kevin Williams, a player PFF writes was "so much better than all other defensive tackles it wasn’t even close." If you recall, 2008 was our Williams' first higher-impact year, when in his third season out of LSU he racked up 55 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble.

Of course, Buffalo's Williams has really blossomed over the last two seasons, compiling 142 tackles and 10 sacks in that time frame. The fact that Minnesota's Williams ranks so easily ahead of Kyle is proof of just how good Kevin was back in 2008.

Our Williams also ranks considerably higher than the defensive tackle who finished third on this list - one Albert Haynesworth.