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ESPN's Williamson: "I Think Merriman Is Done"

Earlier this off-season, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix expressed confidence in outside linebacker Shawne Merriman being "the answer" to the team's trouble generating pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

"I know he is the answer," Nix said in May. "All he's got to do is get well."

That's obviously a pretty big 'if,' and ESPN scout Matt Williamson, for one, is skeptical that it'll happen. In a recent SportsNation chat, Williamson admitted that it was possible for Merriman to return to form, but isn't expecting it to happen. (On a side note, Williamson is, however, high on second-year rusher Arthur Moats.)

"Could happen, but I don't expect it at all," wrote Williamson. "What has he done besides get injured since returning from his suspension? I think Merriman is done."

Our question for you today, in the form of the below poll: are you closer to siding with Nix, or are you more in agreement with Williamson?