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ESPN: Kyle Williams 11th-Best Player In AFC East

ESPN's Tim Graham has been slowly revealing his Top 25 players in the AFC East list over the past couple of weeks. It's been an interesting point of discussion in a slow off-season, and today it got a bit more interesting to me when he listed defensive tackle Kyle Williams as the 11th-best player in the division.

It's not remotely shocking that the highly-publicized Williams (highly-publicized in these parts, anyway) made Graham's list. (He's the third Buffalo Bills player to make the cut, ahead of teammates Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson.) I'm guessing a few of you might try to argue that Williams belongs higher on the list, rather than sitting just outside of the Top 10. We're talking about one division here, after all.

There are some big names that haven't yet shown up on the list, including several offensive linemen, Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis, and others. We won't know the Top 10 for a while (and if Williams isn't in it, it's highly doubtful any Bill will be). For now, however, can you name ten AFC East players better than Williams?