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Open Thread: Bills Training Camp, Day Three

The Buffalo Bills are set to take the field at St. John Fisher College in a half hour for their first full-contact practice of 2011 training camp. Both Matt and I will be in attendance, and as today may be the only day that happens this year, we plan on live-tweeting the event as furiously as possible.

Here's how this is going to work: Matt, the Twitter hound, will be tweeting updates from his account, @MattRichWarren. I am also a Twitter hound, but will forego that particular medium to join y'all in this very comment section. While Matt tweets, I will do my best to answer any inquiries that you guys (and gals) have about specific players or the practice session itself. You're not allowed to ask about Nick Barnett, though, because he can't practice yet.

It's a hot one up here in Rochester today, and with Bills players hitting each other for the first time, I'm expecting the intensity to pick up a bit. Should be fun! And yes, I can confirm that Matt will be dressed similarly to the gentleman pictured in this thread.