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Bills Depth Chart: Receiver, Linebacker Most Volatile Positions

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In case you're unaware, we've been unofficially keeping a Buffalo Bills depth chart updated since May. Obviously, our depth chart is highly unofficial - certainly more unofficial than, say, the official depth chart - and we wanted to talk about a few discrepancies between our take and the team's take today.

The toughest positions to get a handle on, at least in my eyes, are wide receiver and linebacker. At receiver, beyond the top five (which is very much settled at this point), there are three or four different players - Naaman Roosevelt, Marcus Easley, Buster Davis and possibly even Felton Huggins - that could lay claim to the next spot. That last receiver slot is very heated.

At linebacker, it's tough to differentiate between strong-side and weak-side players. We consider players like Aaron Maybin and rookie Robert Eddins to be Jack (weak-side) players, but the Bills list them as Sam (strong-side) players. Fortunately, things are less muddled inside, where the delineation between strong and weak is fairly clear.

What position do you have the hardest time wrapping your mind around, Bills fan?