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Brad Smith, Josh Nesbitt Key Wildcat In Buffalo

At around the same time that the Buffalo Bills were signing free agent Brad Smith to a four-year, $15 million contract, the team also announced the signing of undrafted free agent quarterback Josh Nesbitt, a Georgia Tech product. Little did we know at the time that the two signings were linked by a common theme: Chan Gailey's desire to use the Wildcat package offensively.

Initially, there was some doubt as to which position Nesbitt would play in Buffalo, given that he also had experience at safety. After the Bills' pre-season opener against Chicago, the answer is now clear: Nesbitt plays Smith's position as the Wildcat quarterback.

Smith was effective in the first half, carrying three times for 16 yards, and converting three plays into first downs. He also completed a pass for 11 yards, and lined up at receiver (as pictured). Nesbitt took over as the de facto Slash in the second half, carrying three times for 30 yards, including a 21-yard jaunt, against Chicago's reserves. In Smith, the Bills have a player they'll count on specifically in short-yardage situations - and in Nesbitt, they've got an understudy that they can stash on the practice squad.

It could not be more apparent that the Wildcat is here to stay in Buffalo - and that the plans Gailey is laying out could have longevity beyond Smith's tenure with the team.