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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 8/15

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

First Impressions - Bills @ Bears |
"In the three series watched here it felt more like Buffalo was the team coming off a playoff run and Chicago had the third pick in the draft. Barring a Jay Cutler third down scramble, the Bills defense gave up nothing while Ryan Fitzpatrick used a functional running game, quick passes and the occasional deep throw to give the Bears a lot to think about while chewing up most of the first quarter."

Bills still in shock over trade of Evans - The Buffalo News
"I was definitely surprised and still am," said Bills cornerback Terrence McGee in the locker room after the Bills' 10-3 preseason loss to the Chicago Bears. "We got rid of such a great player, I think a player that we needed. He did a lot here."

Bills observations - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Matt Williamson gives some pretty accurate descriptions of the Bills against the Bears.

Bills Defensive Game Highlights -
Take a closer look at the Bills' defense that was a third-down scramble by Jay Cutler away from completely shutting down the Bears' starters.

Options endless with QB Smith -
"He was only on the field for about 10 plays, but the multitude of options that are available to head coach Chan Gailey with Smith on the field will be forcing a lot of other NFL coaching staffs to spend extra time preparing."

Wildcat with Smith off to promising beginning - The Buffalo News
"We wanted to work on the Wildcat," Gailey said. "That was one of the things going in, we wanted to see that from those guys, from Brad and from Josh. We were able to get it on film and see what it adds to us. It really helps our short-yardage game. So that was a good thing."

Bills being goofy on new parking rules - The Buffalo News
"They call it 'Disney-style parking' - about the silliest bit of spin I’ve heard in a long while. Will they also add trams, fuzzy characters and a monorail to shuttle people across Abbott Road?"

SLAM! Sports - Merriman looks like his old 'Lights Out' self
"Merriman was back to being Mr. Lights Out. He had two sacks, helped on a third, and generally proved to be a misery for the Chicago Bears’ offensive line. In all, the Bills recorded nine sacks. The question now is: Are the Bills and Merriman that good, or is the Chicago offensive line that bad?"

What we learned: Preseason night No. 3 | ProFootballTalk
"Shawne Merriman and Brad Smith both showed they could make a big impact in Buffalo."

The trade of Evans still makes no sense |
"I like what Nix and Gailey have done, and I believe the Bills are on the right track to success. But I think they convinced themselves they’re better off with Evans, and that’s just plain wrong."

Evans Practices With Ravens |
"Wide receiver Lee Evans has passed his physical and practiced with the Baltimore Ravens for the first time." A crazy picture with 85 and purple surrounding Evans' face, too.

Fantasy Football Offensive Evaluation: Buffalo Bills - FakeTeams
"Taking a look at the Bills offense for fantasy in 2011. This article is informative and funny. No seriously!" Fake Teams is the SB Nation fantasy sports blog.

Be that guy, Stevie Johnson, be that guy | THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA... LIVE
"So, I imagine seeing Stevie Johnson responding to a Tweet about the home opener and his potential TD celebration by saying 'Pray I score bkuz I have something NICE for KC' will strike people in a few different fashions. For me, I love that this guy is on my team (provided his desired celebration isn’t some slight against Native Americans)."