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Chan Gailey Disappointed With Bills' Offensive Line Play

Earlier this morning, we picked on Buffalo Bills right guard Kraig Urbik a bit for being the obvious weak link along the team's starting offensive line to this point in the pre-season. It should be known, however, that Bills head coach Chan Gailey wasn't particularly enthused by much of the blocking he saw Saturday night.

"We've got some work to do to continue to improve our running game," Gailey said after the game. "I thought our down the line guys didn't play as well as I hoped they would. We've got to who can step up and play to the next level.

"Like I said earlier, I think the biggest disappointment I have was how our down the line guys played, executed," Gailey later continued. "I thought they fought - I thought they tried - but I was not pleased with their execution. We've got some work to do to find out which of those guys can step up to the next level."

Gailey isn't one for off-the-cuff commentary, but he made these two observations unsolicited. He's already on the record saying his line lacks depth, too. If his displeasure continues this week, expect to see changes up front for the Bills - perhaps starting with Urbik's right guard spot, but perhaps not.